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What is the meaning of equitable in Hindi?

Meaning of equitable in Hindi is : सितारा मछली

Definition of word equitable

  • Marked by or having equity. (adjective)
  • Fair, just, or impartial. (adjective)
  • Relating to the general principles of justice that correct or supplement the provisions of the law. (adjective)

Examples of word equitable

  • And should there be no check put to this disintegration of society, then must come what the radicals are now so anxious to obtain, the equitable adjustment -- and in that case it is a problem how far that may not be really _equitable_; for society may, by degrees, arrive to a state so anomalous as to warrant that the few should be sacrificed for the benefit of the community at large.
  • To help local government, we are introducing what we call the equitable share of revenue for local government.
  • Divorce will become more difficult due to the taxes on alimony, while a husband will be freed of all responsibility to maintain equitable treatment of his wives if he engages in polygamy -- in Islam, polygamy is explicitly forbidden in the Quran unless the husband is capable of treating his wives in a perfectly equal fashion.
  • What I think Google needs to do to make that equitable is to also reward the sites that the user visits to make the decision as to what ad it should show.
  • One way to be more equitable is to insure no more than $100,000 in deposits, limited to cover for someone in a 5 year period of time and pegged to their SS Number, and limited further by not allowing someone to get more than $100,000 simply by splitting their deposits among multiple institutions.


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