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What is the meaning of ermine in Hindi?

Meaning of ermine in Hindi is : न्योले की जाति का एक जन्तु

Definition of word ermine

  • A weasel, Mustela erminea, found in northern latitudes; its dark brown fur turns white in winter (apart from the black tip of the tail) (noun)
    उत्तरी अक्षांशों में पाया जाने वाला एक नेवला, मुस्टेला इर्मिनिया; इसका गहरा भूरा फर सर्दियों में सफेद हो जाता है (पूंछ के काले सिरे के अलावा)
  • To clothe with ermine (verb)
    ermine के साथ कपड़े पहनने के लिए

Examples of word ermine

    • I doubt you'll see me in ermine, I have no desire to be the Scarlet Jim Purnell .
    • Comrade Turnbull had been banished to a labour camp known as the "House of Lords," where harsh and brutal metaphors are believed to be used, and where inmates, clad only in ermine, are forced to live on a diet of venison and claret.
    • During said ceremony, Moon and his wife are wrapped in ermine robes and crowned by an Illinois Congressman.
    • When we think of the King at home we do not picture him in ermine robes, wearing a crown; we think of him as one of ourselves, as a man who might have been just a king, but who prefers to be an Englishman.
    • No greater contrast is possible than to go from a city under the sway of a proletarian dictatorship to a royal city where a king sits in ermine on an ancient throne.
    • This practice is still continued with regard to the ermine, which is spotted with black lamb's-skin.
    • The white fur of the weasel (sometimes called the ermine) is used to make some of the most beautiful and expensive stoles that elegant and wealthy ladies wear.
    • ‘“The naturalists recount that the ermine is a little beast that hath a most white skin; and that, when the hunters would chase him, they use this art to take him.