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What is the meaning of erroneous in Hindi?

Meaning of erroneous in Hindi is : विभ्रान्त

Definition of word erroneous

  • Containing an error; inaccurate. (adjective)
  • Derived from an error. (adjective)
  • Mistaken. (adjective)
  • signifies a deviation from the requirements of the law, but does not connote a lack of legal authority, and is thus distinguished from illegal. (adjective)

Examples of word erroneous

  • The Ministry of Information accused Nasha Niva of publishing what it called an erroneous report about authorities failing to evacuate one of the victims of Monday's attacks for several hours.
  • "This is not a commercial activity," Mr. Della Valle insisted at a Rome press conference, rejecting what he called erroneous reports that Tod's would benefit commercially from exclusive use of the Colosseum image for his company's merchandise.
  • Chavez suggested state television should broadcast a series of programs focusing on the strength of the economy as a way to debunk what he called erroneous predictions from analysts of more economic problems on the horizon.
  • His broader mission amounted to try to shoot down what he described as erroneous claims that have risen as the debate in Washington and the nation has developed.
  • Example: MedPAC uses data from cost report forms despite knowing full well that more than 20% of the forms contain erroneous data.


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