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What is the meaning of erroneously in Hindi?

Meaning of erroneously in Hindi is : भूल से

Definition of word erroneously

  • in an erroneous manner (adverb)
  • incorrectly (adverb)

Examples of word erroneously

  • Biden's campaign is only "over" in the sense that a car is "dead" - the term erroneously supposes some preexisting animate state.
  • There is a well-known poem by Goethe, “Weltliteratur” (1827), which rehearses rather the delights of folk poetry and actually got its title erroneously from the editor of the
  • Brasseur translates this title erroneously, “decorated with a bracelet.”
  • Self Defense is a term erroneously used by instructors to denote an ability to fight.
  • Calvin erroneously makes this verse an address to the ungodly; and so Maurer,


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