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What is the meaning of erroneousness in Hindi?

Meaning of erroneousness in Hindi is : गलती

Definition of word erroneousness

  • The state of being in error; the quality of being erroneous. (noun)

Examples of word erroneousness

  • Even if this land was acquired according to all the relevant laws of the time, the Jews were wrong – just like the British aristocrats in happy Valley during the British rule there, despite the erroneousness of the analogy.
  • I was immediately struck by the chutzpah of Sullivan's statement -- both because of its erroneousness and because he had the audacity to make it.
  • I've questioned its fundamentality and erroneousness...
  • I've questioned its fundamentality and erroneousness before.
  • There being nothing that teachers at a yeshiva love more than to argue a Jewish boy out of his erroneousness, he found himself the center of attention.


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