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What is the meaning of escaped in Hindi?

Meaning of escaped in Hindi is : सिद्धदोष

Definition of word escaped

  • Simple past tense and past participle of escape. (verb)
  • That or who has escaped, especially from prison or another place of confinement. (adjective)

Examples of word escaped

    • The devil a thing escaped them but a cat, which did _not_ come within the meaning of any act of parliament: -- _the cats only had escaped_.
    • His name escaped on a whisper of breath as she gripped the sheets at her hips and rose to meet his mouth, to urge him to take her wherever he wanted to go with her.
    • He had been in this place before, but the name escaped him for the moment.
    • The name escaped unconsciously from her lips in a whisper, then again, “Lindy.”
    • Her name escaped from his lips in a soft whisper even as she relaxed against him and her eyes grew wide.


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