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What is the meaning of esplanade in Hindi?

Meaning of esplanade in Hindi is : दुर्ग के सामने का मैदान

Definition of word esplanade

  • A clear space between a citadel and the nearest houses of the town. (noun)
  • The glacis of the counterscarp, or the slope of the parapet of the covered way toward the country. (noun)
  • A grass plat; a lawn. (noun)
  • Any clear, level space used for public walks or drives; esp., a terrace by the seaside. (noun)

Examples of word esplanade

  • The town-head fronted the upper bay, and between it and the grinding ice on the shore lay a broad tract of what might be called esplanade, presenting ample space for our encounter.
  • In front of the esplanade is the splendid pile commenced by Charles V, intended, it is said, to eclipse the residence of the Moslem kings.
  • Ellen Barfoot in her bath-chair on the esplanade was a prisoner -- civilization's prisoner -- all the bars of her cage falling across the esplanade on sunny days when the town hall, the drapery stores, the swimming-bath, and the memorial hall striped the ground with shadow.
  • This declivity runs between detached villas and stone walls, sheltering prim gardens, right on to the west end of the esplanade, which is, in fact, a continuation of it.
  • The esplanade was a broad walk extending the entire width of the building, and conforming to it.


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