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What is the meaning of espousal in Hindi?

Meaning of espousal in Hindi is : समर्थन

Definition of word espousal

  • A betrothal. (noun)
  • A wedding ceremony. (noun)
  • Adoption of a plan, cause, or idea. (noun)

Examples of word espousal

  • What would one call the espousal of "gay marriages" and abortion rights?
  • The espousal was a ceremony of betrothing, a formal agreement between the parties then coming under obligation for the purpose of marriage.
  • Of course, if the Assembly preferred, it could opt for the more familiar terminology, rather than the newer term "espousal," so long as the definition chosen ensures equality in name and in substance.
  • February 21st, 2009 at 12: 19 pm mr. yglesias, your espousal of mcdonalds does a disservice to the children who may peruse the content of your web journal, and so be further inclined toward consumption of unsalubrious items! best,
  • Eventually, and one can speculate that because of Marxist ideologies, Germany and the Soviet Union provided espousal, the latter worried about a Japanese invasion of Siberia.


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