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What is the meaning of essence in Hindi?

Meaning of essence in Hindi is : सुगन्ध

Definition of word essence

  • The inherent nature of a thing or idea. (noun)
  • A significant feature of something. (noun)
  • The concentrated form of a plant or drug obtained through a distillation process. (noun)
  • Fragrance, a perfume. (noun)
  • The true nature of anything, not accidental or illusory. (noun)

Examples of word essence

  • The origins of this doctrine lie in Avicenna's account of radical contingency that considers the distinction between Necessary and contingent to lie in the simplicity of existence of the Necessary producing the complexity of the existence and essence of the contingent, where the contingent is an existent to whom accidents pertain bundled in what is known as their Ëœessenceâ„¢.
  • It is claimed that a Monotheistic Pantheism, that is, the idea of _one essence_, not person, but _essence_, is to _unite_, or make one, the whole human family upon the scientific (sciolistic) base that man himself is one grand part of the grand all-pervading, impersonal essence.
  • So, in essence is Beck is telling us is that Playboy = good, Playgirl = Bad.
  • Plot, in essence, is the board, or frame, for your story puzzle pieces.
  • This, in essence, is telling you when it is going to be and everything else.


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