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What is the meaning of establishment in Hindi?

Meaning of establishment in Hindi is : स्थापित चर्च व्यवस्था

Definition of word establishment

  • The act of establishing; a ratifying or ordaining; settlement; confirmation. (noun)
  • The state of being established, founded, etc.; fixed state. (noun)
  • That which is established; as a form of government, a permanent organization, business or force, or the place where one is permanently fixed for residence. (noun)
  • The establishment: the ruling class or authority group in a society; especially, an entrenched authority dedicated to preserving the status quo. Sometimes capitalized: the Establishment. (noun)

Examples of word establishment

  • And to obviate any difficulties or misunderstanding which might arise from leaving indeterminate the sum necessary to be appropriated for the civil establishment of each of the respective powers, that the sum be now ascertained which is indispensably necessary to be applied to those purposes, and which is to be held sacred under every emergency, and set apart previous to the application of the rest of the revenues, as hereby stipulated, for the purposes of mutual or common defence against any enemy, for _clearing_ the incumbrance which may have become necessarily incurred in addition to the expenditure of those revenues _which must be always deemed part of the war establishment_.
  • In order to arrive at their various holdings that the government cannot become overly entangled in religion, the Courts had to write out the term establishment from the Establishment Clause to have it read "Congress shall make no law respecting...religion."
  • The lyrics describe the title establishment as a luxury resort where you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.
  • The soon-to-expire skating emporium offers meager cultural resonance compared with the title establishment in another obvious source of inspiration, "The Last Picture Show."
  • Personally I feel as if the establishment is attacking Pres.


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