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What is the meaning of estimable in Hindi?

Meaning of estimable in Hindi is : मान्य

Definition of word estimable

  • Worthy of esteem; admirable. (adjective)
    सम्मान के योग्य; सराहनीय।

Examples of word estimable

  • "When a married man becomes what you call estimable," said Donna
  • The 'estimable' critic Ben Davis wows the pseudo Marxists/Socialists, but the guy should actually try and be a real Socialist for one month and then get back to us.
  • I am naturally, ...err , flattered that you refer to me as 'estimable', but am surprised that the only answer to the perfectly justified observation I made that it is 'bonkers' to assert that there have been 'deliberate moves' to break up the normal family as an aside, whatever that is is to make this comment:
  • This great small research university is mentioned in passing by Gregg Easterbrook as among the "estimable" colleges (though it actually belongs in the "slightly less good than the elites" category).
  • "Aunt Julia says he is really a very estimable man -- Cordelia, if I was a man I just wouldn't be an 'estimable' one."
  • But the action was nonetheless 'estimable' and the navy commandos intercept the Mavi Marmara on its way to break the