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What is the meaning of esurient in Hindi?

Meaning of esurient in Hindi is : भूखा

Definition of word esurient

  • Very hungry or greedy; ravenous. (adjective)
  • avid (adjective)
  • One who is hungry or greedy. (noun)

Examples of word esurient

  • Antonia D. said, "Is it not amazing that the moment I have read the word esurient a trace of something I knew pressed me to bring it back to life again (that is, to ..."
  • Obama's dignified elevation of our national discourse through honesty, depth, and nuance was greeted by ratings-esurient tabloid news, race-baiting commentary, and rancorous replay of Wright -- ad nauseam.
  • It had been a relief for Ted after Connie's death, not to mention after the esurient pursuing by other women to which he'd been exposed, to find himself in the company of a woman who wanted to build a structure first before taking up residence within it.
  • Eight credits per week went to the company, in advance, for room and board; the rest he spent over the fat man's bar or gambled away at the fat man's crooked games-for Bominger, although engaged in vaster commerce far, nevertheless allowed no scruple to interfere with his esurient rapacity.
  • He drew tears from them with the pathos of his picture of the bereaved widow Mabey and her three starving, destitute children -- "orphaned to avenge the death of a pheasant" -- and the bereaved mother of that M. de Vilmorin, a student of Rennes, known here to many of them, who had met his death in a noble endeavour to champion the cause of an esurient member of their afflicted order.


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