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What is the meaning of ethene in Hindi?

Meaning of ethene in Hindi is : एथीन

Definition of word ethene

  • The official IUPAC name for the organic chemical compound ethylene. The simplest alkene, a colorless gaseous (at room temperature and pressure) hydrocarbon with the chemical formula C2H4. (noun)

Examples of word ethene

  • Peak oil signifies disaster for plastics producers — ethene, one of the raw materials used to make plastics, relies on abundant supplies of oil for production.
  • But Dutch researcher Tymen Tiemersma thinks he has a solution: a reactor that can produce ethene from natural gas.
  • Describe the procedure to synthesize the ester ethyl ethanoate (ethyl acetate), starting from ethene.? en Español
  • Gouw found that the concentrations of ethene and propene -- which both contribute to ozone formation -- dropped by 52 percent and 48 percent respectively between 2000 and 2006.
  • Tiemersma found an apparently very simple solution for one of the biggest problems in producing ethene from natural gas.


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