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What is the meaning of eudaemonia in Hindi?

Meaning of eudaemonia in Hindi is : सुख

Definition of word eudaemonia

  • Alternative spelling of eudemonia. (noun)

Examples of word eudaemonia

  • Now that the economy limits our spending, we are lucky to have "eudaemonia" to find less expensive means to bliss.
  • Did you even know there was such a word as eudaemonia?
  • "In this dopamine-laden city, where the pursuit of well-being is something of a high art, a motley array of scientists, philosophers, doctors, psychologists, navel-gazing Googlers and Tibetan Buddhists addressed the latest findings on the science of human happiness -- or eudaemonia, the classical Greek term for human flourishing."
  • Aymee Coget, who wants to be the Suze Orman of happiness, handed out fliers for her 'Happiness Makeover,' a three-month route to 'sustainable eudaemonia.'
  • This “eudaemonia” is by no means one and the same with our notion of happiness, but includes the same in itself.


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