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What is the meaning of even in Hindi?

Meaning of even in Hindi is : समान

Definition of word even

  • Flat and level. (adjective)
  • Without great variation. (adjective)
  • Equal in proportion, quantity, size, etc. (adjective)
  • Divisible by two. (adjective)
  • Convenient for rounding other numbers to; for example, ending in a zero. (adjective)
  • On equal monetary terms; neither owing or being owed. (adjective)
  • On equal terms of a moral sort; quits. (adjective)
  • To make flat and level. (verb)
  • exactly, just, fully (adverb)
  • Implying an extreme example in the case mentioned, as compared to the implied reality (adverb)
  • Emphasizing a comparative (adverb)
  • Evening. (noun)

Examples of word even

  • Jesus tells his followers that he expects them to be even more generous than the Mosaic law requires: “Be ye perfect, ” he says, “even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.
  • I'm telling you, even though they say, it's no equal ßževen though the job say it's equal employment, it's inside you don't know.
  • By even is meant that the individual ends and picks used should be _even_ and not full of knots, or of any foreign matter.
  • Georgie, you do not need to remind me; my spirit is a part of yours, and can never be separated nor dissolved even through all eternity; _no, not even_ though you treat me as you do; even though you became the wife of another you cannot divorce our spirits.
  • At length, new circumstances, more general, more influential, and more extensive, reached even to them, —even to the lowest of them, according to the worldÂ’s scale.


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