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What is the meaning of eventuality in Hindi?

Meaning of eventuality in Hindi is : संभाव्यता

Definition of word eventuality

  • A possible event; something that may happen. (noun)

Examples of word eventuality

  • Basically, a regard with a live eventuality is over what could begin which Section 1 wouldnt be means to control (i.e. a brawl, vicious injury, etc.).
  • The eventuality is for increased rates being driven up by the fewer and fewer healthy insured as the sick or preexisting high risk people get thrown off lists of those being insured.
  • Every client developer should allow for this eventuality from the beginning, preferably using a universal web-service discovery mechanism†¦!
  • It's possible, if she did have a child, some of that slumbering maternal instinct might be awakened, but that eventuality is never realized.
  • "We would need to have some kind of cojones to assume that an overpass qualifies as home ownership, or that such an eventuality was the outcome of the beautiful, long-standing vision you had for yourselves and your loved ones."
  • "If you're intellectually honest with yourself and you read the bill you realize that the eventuality is a single payer system," said Mr. Heninger, a self-employed financial manager, who called the event a "performance."
  • "The eventuality is a one-on-one relationship with every consumer, and obviously e-commerce needs to be a big part of that."
  • An eventuality which is, as y'all have pointed out politically impossible at this point.