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What is the meaning of evidentiary in Hindi?

Meaning of evidentiary in Hindi is : साक्ष्यात्मक

Definition of word evidentiary

  • Of or pertaining to evidence. (adjective)

Examples of word evidentiary

  • Overlawyered is reporting the large numbers of doctors who are headed to Texas after the state implemented tort reform, and the disappearance of a large number of cases from the Texas court system after certain evidentiary standards were introduced in asbestos trials.
  • So I take it you are an expert in Turkish evidentiary law?
  • Most beginning assignments tend to result in evidentiary images.
  • I think Joeo gets at an important aspect of this: the perception of risk and causality is both moralized and lacking in evidentiary basis … and it’s precisely * because* it’s moralized in a sexist way that the “common sense” causality and statistics go unquestioned.
  • I sent the letter to Mr. Geragos asking him to explain to me in no uncertain terms the evidentiary value of a watering can, a wedding dress, a college diploma, journals and 21 other items.
  • The sole suspect has been released because of what police call evidentiary issues.
  • Needless to say, it was much easier to try Saddam Hussein on some deaths for which there was not the kind of evidentiary tracing of evidence as was the case regarding others.
  • Trial courts are given deferential review of case-specific types of determinations — most obviously factual determinations, and equally importantly, questions of trial procedure such as evidentiary rulings that have no broader significance beyond that particular case.
  • And I think that when you have a situation where they were killing people from such a distance, there was really not the kind of evidentiary collection that we're normally used to.