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What is the meaning of evoke in Hindi?

Meaning of evoke in Hindi is : म‌ँगा लेना

Definition of word evoke

  • To cause the manifestation of something (emotion, picture, etc.) in someone's mind or imagination. (verb)

Examples of word evoke

  • And what happens when your textualist/originalist not only lacks the staggering erudition the terms evoke, but turns out to be a present-minded historian with a taste for Humpty Dumpty, declaring words to mean precisely what he intends them tomean?
  • Oddly enough, in contrast to Mr Anonymous's (teeth achingly-patronising) suggestion that rebellion against Empire leads inevitably to children growing up in a meaningless, nihilistic world (the children! think of the children!), I'm quite happy to judge myself by the accumulated affection and/or scorn that I manage to evoke from the people that matter to me.
  • I reread a couple of Ramona books this week (they're just being republished by HarperCollins with uniform illustrations by Tracy Dockray) and was impressed by the intensity of identification they evoke from the reader for Ramona.
  • What the terms do not evoke is the roistering figure of Pancho Villa, who would be as out of place among a group of spike-helmeted Prussian militarists, as Jesse Jackson at an Aryan Nations rally.
  • The description of the cultural and physical coarsening which the circumstances evoke is masterly.


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