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What is the meaning of exalt in Hindi?

Meaning of exalt in Hindi is : बढ़ाना

Definition of word exalt

  • To honor; to hold in high esteem. (verb)
  • To raise in rank, status etc., to elevate. (verb)

Examples of word exalt

    • And it actually follows what they've done for their media strategy from the very beginning, which is to kind of exalt and super serve the conservative media to the extent that they can, and to undermine and denigrate the mainstream media to the extent that they can.
    • _Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories_ present companions for the mind of this hardy sort, and hopes, whether boys read or are told these stories, they will prove to be such as exalt and inspire while they thrill and entertain.
    • Moreover, a majority of them can now read, and the books they read are not all such as exalt a military life; there are some which point out its immorality.
    • Christians "exalt" the Cross of Christ as the instrument of our salvation.
    • "exalt" the virulence of a feebly pathogenic organism, special methods of inoculation are necessary, carefully adjusted to the exigencies of each individual case.


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