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What is the meaning of examin in Hindi?

Meaning of examin in Hindi is :

Definition of word examin

  • Obsolete form of examine. (verb)

Examples of word examin

  • "When systems become overly com­plex, their behavior cannot be easily predicted by traditional methods of analysis," such as examin­ing a system's individual components and aggre­gating their effects.
  • Yes | No | Report from peter wrote 35 weeks 2 days ago ive never been to one but they seem fine. i love goin to gunstores and hold and examin them, nothin wrong with that
  • Or they can go and re-examin their party platform and start broadening their appeal.
  • In cross-examin~tion she broke down and said one or two highly incriminating things.
  • Let us examin the statements from this piece of work that the kind people at The Daily Mail chose to put up on their website:


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