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What is the meaning of examination in Hindi?

Meaning of examination in Hindi is : परीक्षा

Definition of word examination

  • The act of examining. (noun)
  • Particularly, an inspection by a medical professional to establish the extent and nature of any sickness or injury. (noun)
  • A formal test involving answering written or oral questions with no or limited access to text books or the like. (noun)

Examples of word examination

  • McCarthy said yesterday that there is no conflict in the two letters, and that the CPA money could be used with everything associated with the purchase of the Fernald property, such as the title examination, appraisal and environmental study.
  • What emerges from this examination is a disturbing portrait of a group of elected officials who routinely avoid payment of debts, write bad checks, abuse their spouses, assault people and openly violate the law.
  • The source was given polygraph examination on 12 March 1971 and this examination is the only recorded testimony establishing his credibility.
  • Last week, Sequart and Respect Films announced a Kickstarter campaign to finance "Comics in Focus: Chris Claremont's X-Men," directed by Patrick Meaney, which they described as an examination of one of the most important comic books of the modern age.
  • Critical and skeptical examination is the method used in everyday practical methods as well as in science.


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