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What is the meaning of example in Hindi?

Meaning of example in Hindi is : नमूना

Definition of word example

  • Something that is representative of all such things in a group. (noun)
  • Something that serves to illustrate or explain a rule. (noun)
  • Something that serves as a pattern of behaviour to be imitated (a good example) or not to be imitated (a bad example). (noun)
  • A person punished as a warning to others. (noun)
  • A parallel or closely similar case, especially when serving as a precedent or model. (noun)
  • An instance (as a problem to be solved) serving to illustrate the rule or precept or to act as an exercise in the application of the rule. (noun)
  • To be illustrated or exemplified (by) (verb)

Examples of word example

  • It is not the example which makes the adion good; but the goodnefs of the adion which gives force to the example*
  • * {@example alter_block_array. php} * @param string $blockname the blockname, for example 'loop'
  • 接着在 slapd - d 1 启动了 OpenLDAP 后,再用命令 ldapadd - x - D "cn = jimbob, dc = example, dc = com" - w dirtysecret - f c: example. ldif
  • Admittedly, the Justin example is a little extreme however, the amount of information being posted by many teens and twenty somethings is still considerable with possibility chilling consequences.
  • The Tuscan mainstay of sangiovese, for example, comes from the Latin words sanguis jovis


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