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What is the meaning of excite in Hindi?

Meaning of excite in Hindi is : सक्रिय बनाना

Definition of word excite

  • To stir the emotions of. (verb)
  • To arouse or bring out (eg feelings); to stimulate. (verb)
  • , (physics) To cause an electron to move to a higher than normal state; to promote an electron to an outer level. (verb)

Examples of word excite

  • The FBI indictments are to be unsealed today, which will once again excite the many people who likes to confuse the word “indictment” with “conviction.”
  • : The land of Gennezar, by the lake of Gennezareth, takes its name from a natural power which it is said to have of spontaneously modulating its waters so as to excite a breeze; the Greek words importing, ` creating for itself the breeze. '
  • I hope that microscopic researches may again excite the attention of philosophers, as unforeseen advantages may probably be derived from them, like the discovery of
  • The country teems with "poets, poetasters, poetitos, and poetaccios:" every man has his recognised position in literature as accurately defined as though he had been reviewed in a century of magazines, -- the fine ear of this people [22] causing them to take the greatest pleasure in harmonious sounds and poetical expressions, whereas a false quantity or a prosaic phrase excite their violent indignation.
  • Video exciting 'to. long live eheads! p.s. part 2! part 2! kaka excite naman' to Eraserheads Reunion Tickets Go On Sale: It's About F@#$&** Time!


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