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What is the meaning of excitement in Hindi?

Meaning of excitement in Hindi is : हलचल/आवेश

Definition of word excitement

  • the state of being excited (emotionally aroused). (noun)
  • something that excites. (noun)

Examples of word excitement

    • For instance, an originally rheumatic pain experienced by a daughter when nursing her father becomes the symbol in memory of her painful psychic excitement, and this perhaps for several reasons, but chiefly because _its presence in consciousness almost exactly coincided with that excitement_.
    • Yet if you choose to prefer ColeridgeÂ’s explanation, no great harm will be done: since Coleridge, who may be presumed to have understood it, promptly goes on to deduce that, as the elements of metre owe their existence to a state of increased excitement, so the metre itself should be accompanied by the natural language of excitement. which is precisely where we found ourselves, save that where Coleridge uses the word ‘excitementÂ’ we used the word ‘emotion.
    • Sometimes the excitement is there early on, other times the excitement is not there.
    • Why not wander over to his blog and see what all the excitement is about?
    • That's when all the excitement is there from the actors.


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