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What is the meaning of excites in Hindi?

Meaning of excites in Hindi is :

Definition of word excites

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of excite. (verb)

Examples of word excites

  • The name excites people just as Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick excited Patriots fans.
  • Palin excites the energy companies, she excites the 7th day adventists and the other people who believe we are living in the biblical end times but anyone who truly cares about America will avoid her like cancer due to her uncanny ability to say the dumbest things ever heard in American political history ...
  • Palin "excites the base" and the right wingnuts, but it's the undecideds and independents that the Repubs need.
  • Good: Governor Palin excites voters who come out for Brown.
  • An apt title excites and piques the curiosity almost as much as does the story itself.
  • There is no connection whatever between the sound of the word 'man' and the 'ideas' which the word excites, beyond the fact that the sound has been previously heard when the ideas were excited.
  • Success! oh, this word excites everyone so much, while very little know what this is and even fewer people realize what this means for them and what they really want.
  • I think you are fibbing, my beauty, but I admit the idea excites me.
  • As I see it, this is a very ambitious project, but the idea excites me.