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What is the meaning of excluded in Hindi?

Meaning of excluded in Hindi is : छोड़ा हुआ

Definition of word excluded

  • Simple past tense and past participle of exclude. (verb)

Examples of word excluded

  • But also a profound discomfort in knowing that the dignity of the excluded is assaulted daily.
  • Well, if same-sex unions were excluded from the term “marriage” the term “gay marriage” would be meaningless.
  • I have never heard beagles excluded from the term gun dogs.
  • As for non-canononical gospels, the point is that their existence points to the losers of the power struggle – the people who purported to be teaching the word of Jesus, contrary to the books that were accepted into the canon, and who might well have been right while the canonical books were wrong, and yet whose books not only were excluded from the canon but were essentially suppressed and banned by church authorities.
  • Extending marriage to those who are presently excluded from the institution is a “frontal assault” on the institution.
  • Marriage refers to opposite-sex unions because same-sex unions have been normatively excluded from the insitutions to which the word refers.
  • Both of these forms of conduct are expressly excluded from the liberty interest recognized by Lawrence.
  • Since the purpose of these leagues is recreation for a group of people excluded from the “regular” leagues, rules that limit the participation of heterosexuals are created to maintain that purpose.