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What is the meaning of excuse in Hindi?

Meaning of excuse in Hindi is : हेतु

Definition of word excuse

  • To forgive; to pardon. (verb)
  • To allow to leave. (verb)
  • To provide an excuse for; to explain, with the aim of alleviating guilt or negative judgement. (verb)
  • An explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgment. (noun)
  • A defense to a criminal or civil charge wherein the accused party admits to doing acts for which legal consequences would normally be appropriate, but asserts that special circumstances relieve that party of culpability for having done those acts. (noun)
  • An example. (noun)

Examples of word excuse

  • Bozo, I ask republicans all the time why Bush and the republicans never over turned roe v. wade and their excuse is always “well it should be a State by State decision”
  • “I find it insulting and his excuse is awfully lame,” she said.
  • What sort of excuse is that for discrimination on grounds of martial status?
  • On the other hand, something that does need an excuse is calling someone an idiot for making a mistake.
  • And something else that needs an excuse is chiming in to offer a pat on the back to the person who just called someone an idiot for making a mistake.


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