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What is the meaning of execrable in Hindi?

Meaning of execrable in Hindi is : निंदनीय

Definition of word execrable

  • Of the poorest quality. (adjective)
  • Hateful. (adjective)

Examples of word execrable

    • The Christian religion depended upon his life; the efforts which he made for its destruction rendered his name execrable to the nations who have embraced it.
    • And while the Dutch superintendent, in execrable Spanish, shouted affirmations of Dutch neutrality into the menacing dark, across the gunwale of Chill II they found the body of the tow-headed youth whose business it had been not to die.
    • The title being a neologism, Dassin was obliged to throw in an awkward explanatory scene in which a nightclub singer delivers a song riffing on the concept of "Rififi" ( "execrable" -- Truffaut).
    • I finally succeeded in relating my history, adventures and escape, and wound up with an appeal to their charity; setting forth my utterly destitute condition, in the most glowing terms my execrable Spanish would permit.
    • The individual character of the creator was not without bearing upon the nature of his creatures; good was the necessary outcome of the good gods, evil of the evil ones; and herein lay the explanation of the mingling of things excellent and things execrable, which is found everywhere throughout the world.


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