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What is the meaning of executable in Hindi?

Meaning of executable in Hindi is : सुकर

Definition of word executable

  • Capable of being executed. (adjective)
  • A file that can be run directly by a computer's hardware or a p-code interpreter with no further processing. (noun)

Examples of word executable

    • Also, Chrome's executable is inherently unsafe even if you run as a "limited user", which for most applications thwarts 80+% of web-borne attacks.
    • The absolute most efficient way to load data into Flash is by loading and executing compiled binary SWF files, which can contain executable byte codes and binary literals that directly creates the data structures you want to send.
    • The Internet was unknown and viruses travelled slowly on diskettes in executable programs.
    • You can provide return-code, stdout and stderr for the called executable to get a generic call-once-and-retrieve value executable, (or you can provide a script to run). import mockproc def setUp (self): self. processes = mockproc.
    • EXECUTION: Is the idea executable and are you the right person to successfully execute the idea?


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