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What is the meaning of executant in Hindi?

Meaning of executant in Hindi is : निष्पादी

Definition of word executant

  • A person who executes a dance or piece of music; a performer (noun)

Examples of word executant

  • Christmas were somewhat as follows: From the manor-house ten shillings and a supper; from the vicar ten shillings; from the farmers five shillings each; from each cottage-household one shilling; amounting altogether to not more than ten shillings a head annually — just enough, as an old executant told me, to pay for their fiddle-strings, repairs, rosin, and music-paper
  • Archbishop of Canterbury, is transformed, as if by irreverent enchantment of the dissenting interest, into A Favourite Terrier, or Cattle Grazing; and the most extraordinary work of art in the list described by the Bleater, is coolly sponged out altogether, and asserted never to have had existence at all, even in the most shadow thoughts of its executant!
  • The whole introduction, in his opinion, was an effort on the part of the general to depreciate the work of others and to portray himself as the sole designer and executant of the Manassas triumph.
  • It is quite evident that he had no notion of the exquisite enjoyment derivable from being an executant in a quartette, the conversational powers of which have been so frequently noticed.
  • Pierre Gavinies claims attention both as an executant and composer.


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