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What is the meaning of execute in Hindi?

Meaning of execute in Hindi is : हस्ताक्षर करना

Definition of word execute

  • To kill as punishment for capital crimes. (verb)
  • To carry out; to put into effect. (verb)
  • To begin putting into effect. (verb)
  • To cause to become legally valid; as, to execute a contract. (verb)
  • To start, launch or run; as, to execute a program. (verb)

Examples of word execute

  • The back end Job Queue will call that to execute the functionality that is defined in this class in the abstract method, called _execute ().
  • Sure, the possibility that madam president finds out about Tyrol's origins and then wants to execute is a possibility, but certainly not the only one.
  • Then he left out the word execute the second time he did it.
  • His power to execute is limited by what laws Congress provides him.
  • (Cannot come looking for the tech) #8 Kevin said, “Anytime we fail to execute is the biggest risk by far” Kevin B. Rollins, so lousy customer support must be part of executing a plan at Dell.


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