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What is the meaning of executes in Hindi?

Meaning of executes in Hindi is :

Definition of word executes

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of execute. (verb)

Examples of word executes

  • He marries again, and again executes his new wife the next day.
  • In short, Virgin executes perfectly on the classic low-cost carrier model that makes airlines like JetBlue so beloved, with even more in the way of personality and panache.
  • Load and verify that the call executes successfully.
  • This will either be a static function or a function that is local to the EventMap. arguments, constructorArguments: These are arguments to be passed into the method/constructor when the EventHandlers/Injectors tag executes the "action."
  • However, the file that is created is only 1832263680 bytes big for some reason. (1984 bytes less then it is supposed to be) Therefore, fread fails and the table is recalculated every time the program executes, which isn't a desirable situation.


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