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What is the meaning of exempt in Hindi?

Meaning of exempt in Hindi is : विमुक्त

Definition of word exempt

  • Free from a duty or obligation. (adjective)
  • Not entitled to overtime pay when working overtime. (adjective)
  • One who has been released from something. (noun)
  • To grant (someone) freedom or immunity from. (verb)

Examples of word exempt

  • In Shiloh, a town of 2,200 people, billboards advertise new homes, and foundations have been laid for about 10 new buildings that remain exempt from the 10-month construction freeze.
  • The term exempt is, strictly speaking, not applied to an Abbot nullius, because his jurisdiction is entirely extraterritorial.
  • But if I was Rep. Kennedy I would tell the Bishop, your tax exempt is over with.
  • In fact, the extension of the cuts is exempt from the new "pay-go" rules that Obama signed into law recently.
  • War widows and those on disability living allowance will be exempt from the cap.


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