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What is the meaning of exercise in Hindi?

Meaning of exercise in Hindi is : शिक्षा देना

Definition of word exercise

  • Any activity designed to develop or hone a skill or ability. (noun)
  • To set into action or practice. (verb)

Examples of word exercise

    • I'm of the opinion that although exercise provides a multitude of health benefits, *exercise*
    • For many people, the term exercise has an unpleasant ring to it.
    • The word exercise comes from the Latin exercere, meaning to keep busy or at work.
    • This was a no win exercise from the get go and so many have died or have been tragically maimed for what is becoming all the more unclear to me.
    • Note that the little girl leading this exercise is already a blue belt.
    • Another common excuse is what he calls exercise aversion.
    • To me, this exercise is about my being of service, my cultivating generosity, and letting go of outcomes.