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What is the meaning of exhaust in Hindi?

Meaning of exhaust in Hindi is : समाप्त करना

Definition of word exhaust

  • To draw or let out wholly; to drain off completely; as, to exhaust the water of a well; the moisture of the earth is exhausted by evaporation. (verb)
  • To empty by drawing or letting out the contents; as, to exhaust a well, or a treasury. (verb)
  • To drain, metaphorically; to use or expend wholly, or till the supply comes to an end; to deprive wholly of strength; to use up; to weary or tire out; to wear out; as, to exhaust one's strength, patience, or resources. (verb)
  • To bring out or develop completely; to discuss thoroughly; as, to exhaust a subject. (verb)
  • To subject to the action of various solvents in order to remove all soluble substances or extractives; as, to exhaust a drug successively with water, alcohol, and ether. (verb)
  • A system consisting of the parts of an engine through which burned gases or steam are discharged; see also exhaust system. (noun)
  • The steam let out of a cylinder after it has done its work there. (noun)
  • The foul air let out of a room through a register or pipe provided for the purpose. (noun)
  • An exhaust pipe, especially on a motor vehicle. (noun)
  • Short for exhaust gas. (noun)
  • Involved with, caused by, or causing exhaustion. (adjective)

Examples of word exhaust

  • IV. iii.119 (356,8) exhaust their mercy] For _exhaust_, sir T. Hanmer, and after him Dr. Warburton, read _extort_; but _exhaust_ here signifies literally to _draw forth_.
  • The side with the exhaust is a tight fit, but it will go in.
  • This exhaust is a superheated plasma (a charged gas) commonly referred to as the solar wind.
  • I'm sure all the vehicles idling in traffic and burning more fuel per mile while in the central city has no adverse effects on air quality at all either if you took every single car off the road in the central city, you'd still have pollution too high to be safe for humans and ecology. in other words, car exhaust is only a part of the problem.
  • Back pressure causes some of the restriction in exhaust gas flow, as does the design of the stock manifold itself.


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