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What is the meaning of exhilarate in Hindi?

Meaning of exhilarate in Hindi is : हर्षित करना/होना

Definition of word exhilarate

  • To make happy, cheer up. (verb)
  • To refreshingly thrill. (verb)
  • To bring new life to. (verb)

Examples of word exhilarate

  • The west's threats must exhilarate the young bloods of the Revolutionary Guard and depress the opposition.
  • They also still exhilarate him: Of course you get scared.
  • Lead actor Andreas Lust (also seen in "Revanche," another chilly Austrian drama in which the moral calculus tallies up a psychological cliffhanger) portrays a kind of instinctual animal — or ascetic sociopath, take your pick — whose disciplined urges exhilarate, then implode.
  • Its current show, Kooza, now playing at Randall's Island Park, continues to exhilarate.
  • At first these photos seemed to exhilarate her, but soon she grew to hate the Vineland pictures, because she felt that the shots were “out of control.”


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