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What is the meaning of exhilarated in Hindi?

Meaning of exhilarated in Hindi is : आनन्दित

Definition of word exhilarated

  • Simple past tense and past participle of exhilarate. (verb)

Examples of word exhilarated

  • Upon his return he felt "exhilarated" by the new mood that had swept over the country.
  • And so, in my limited experience, it's hard to get "exhilarated" by the prospect of a rare disease in front of a patient.
  • Did you dread going down there, or were you kind of exhilarated by it?
  • They were moving with the kind of exhilarated breathless urgency people show after a short fast dash through heavy rain.
  • I know that tonight we're kind of exhilarated about the effectiveness of our troops and they are the best troops we've ever had.


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