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What is the meaning of expectancy in Hindi?

Meaning of expectancy in Hindi is : प्रत्याशा

Definition of word expectancy

  • expectation or anticipation; the state of expecting something (noun)

Examples of word expectancy

  • University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, who has studied health inequalities and reproductive patterns, points out that healthy life expectancy is short for African Americans and women depend on extended family networks for support.
  • There's too much of … what I call an expectancy culture of things being provided.
  • Because of that, there's what we call the expectancy effect.
  • At the extremes, the gap in life expectancy is wide: There is a nearly 18-year difference in life expectancy between black men and Asian/Pacific Islander women (69.4 vs. 86.9 years).
  • "Doing screening tests on patients whose life expectancy is extremely limited because of cancer is just not a cost-effective thing to do," said Dr. Allen Lichter, CEO of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, who wasn't involved in the research.
  • Life expectancy is only longer because fewer babies die; people who reach 65 live about the same number of years as they used to.
  • Calculating life expectancy is a tough task that requires analyzing extensive information about how people died and how old they were, as well as statistical modeling to predict how long people born today will live if current trends continue.
  • The increase in life expectancy is very small by comparison.
  • If he's extremely obese and a smoker, his life expectancy is 60, a difference of 21 years.