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What is the meaning of expeditious in Hindi?

Meaning of expeditious in Hindi is : शीघ्रगामी

Definition of word expeditious

  • Fast, prompt, speedy. (adjective)
  • Completed or done with efficiency and speed; facilitating speed. (adjective)

Examples of word expeditious

  • Judge Feldman, in his ruling, said the government is required to act in an "expeditious" manner, and that "the time delays at issue here are unreasonable."
  • Instead, senators passed an amendment, negotiated by Boxer and Barrasso, mandating "expeditious" NEPA reviews.
  • But the one thing that -- for me, from a psychological point of view, that points -- that makes some sense out of this is these Web sites were the Web sites of a person who had a kind of expeditious agenda in terms of getting rich quickly, you know, sort of phoning it in, making things happen quickly.
  • This would include, among others, principles such as expeditious and timeous tax administration, as well as fair, impartial and consistent application of the law.
  • NESBRU, Norway - Peace talks between the Philippine government and Marxist rebels resumed Tuesday after a six-year break, with the rebels calling for the "expeditious" release of a communist leader and four other prisoners.


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