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What is the meaning of expensive in Hindi?

Meaning of expensive in Hindi is : मह्ंअगा

Definition of word expensive

  • having a high price or cost (adjective)
  • taking a lot of system time or resources (adjective)

Examples of word expensive

    • Since semiconductor-grade silicon is expensive, though, using high-quality crystals makes solar cells even _more _expensive.
    • Who cares if they have what you alluded to as expensive homes and cars...who cares when they've successfully raised the next generation of inmates and miscreants.
    • Smith would not say how much the investigation into Tressel's NCAA troubles would cost, although the university has hired two what he called "expensive" companies to help.
    • In practice, affordable housing seems to mean “poor people living in expensive neighborhoods.”
    • If I come down with certain expensive medical problems, my private health care company can say, "It's not covered."


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