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What is the meaning of experience in Hindi?

Meaning of experience in Hindi is : व्यवहार

Definition of word experience

  • Event(s) of which one is cognizant. (noun)
  • Activity which one has performed. (noun)
  • Collection of events and/or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge, opinions, and skills. (noun)
  • The knowledge thus gathered. (noun)
  • : To observe certain events; undergo a certain feeling or process; or perform certain actions that may alter one or contribute to one's knowledge, opinions, or skills. (verb)

Examples of word experience

  • We new-born infants, without experience, were born with fear, with memory of fear; and _memory is experience_.
  • Motorola Hint allows consumers to easily surf the Web with a PC-like experience by rapidly scrolling, zooming in and out, utilizing data caching, bookmarks, cookies and history for an authentic Web experience¹.
  • (master degree in finance a plus) •experience in structuring financing for .... if you have experience of creating illustrations f ….
  • "You gain experience from a loss like that," Scott Bylsma says.
  • If McCain experience is similar to Bush, then it is better not to have it.


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