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What is the meaning of explain in Hindi?

Meaning of explain in Hindi is : स्पष्टीकरण करना

Definition of word explain

  • To give a sufficiently detailed report about (a) the reason for something, about why something happened, about a causal chain of events; about (b) how something works, about how elements in a system interact; about (c) how to do something, about the steps which need to be accomplished in order to accomplish a certain goal. (verb)
  • To give a valid excuse for some past behavior. (verb)
  • To make flat, smooth out. (verb)
  • To unfold or make visible. (verb)

Examples of word explain

  • Perhaps the best way to explain is to take a closer look at Rodriguez.
  • Japanese keyboards usually come with two layouts; one way to explain is to take as an example the word Tokyo, in kanji 東京.
  • The best way to explain is to tell a true story about something that happened just across the border, in Nevada, in 2006.
  • We can't say that to "explain" is to uncover the truth, as that would be arguing that science can determine it is true that certain natural phenomena occur without the intervention or influence of supernatural beings or events.
  • Firstly I must explain from the start that I manage an organisation called Two Sides, which has been set up by all sectors of the UK print and publishing industries to explore the Myths and set out the Facts about the Print and Paper industries which actually have a great environmental story to tell.


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