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What is the meaning of explicitness in Hindi?

Meaning of explicitness in Hindi is : स्पष्टवादिता

Definition of word explicitness

  • The state or characteristic of being explicit. (noun)

Examples of word explicitness

  • However, compared to that title, Ichigenme … The First Class Is Civil Law, is more advanced, both in explicitness and character development.
  • This increased explicitness is a more complete exhibition of the various abstractions involved in the complex idea which is the meaning of the sentence.
  • Some of his novels are outstanding sf that imho were ahead of the time since in the 90's the idea of explicitness and dark themes were not that popular at least here in the US, neither in fantasy nor in sf.
  • This definition reflects the fact that conservatives object to pornography's sexual explicitness, which is obscene or appeals to
  • I will keep the explicitness to a minimum, but I know this sort of thing can trigger memories in the victims of violence so wanted to post fair warning.


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