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What is the meaning of expose in Hindi?

Meaning of expose in Hindi is : सुगम्य बनाना

Definition of word expose

  • to uncover, make visible, bring to daylight, introduce to (verb)
  • to subject photographic film to light thus ruining it or taking a picture if controlled (verb)
  • to abandon, especially an unwanted baby in the wilderness (verb)

Examples of word expose

  • I found this post kind of troubling - Mr Raymond clearly feels guilty about his part in corrupting the system - his expose is an attempt to cleanse his conscience and sleep peacefully - but most of his post is an underhanded justification of why campaigns are corrupt!
  • Last year, a television station sponsored by Afghanistan's Vice President Mohammad Qasim Fahim ran what it called an "expose" alleging, without any evidence, that the shelters are fronts for prostitution.
  • How unethical it would be to take these chimpanzees back to laboratories and once again expose them to invasive research after they'd been able to live without being used and abused.
  • It will once again expose their intent to thwart an agenda the people clearly want.
  • Go Palin expose those liberals for who they are!!!


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