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What is the meaning of expression in Hindi?

Meaning of expression in Hindi is : हाव भाव

Definition of word expression

  • A particular way of phrasing an idea. (noun)

Examples of word expression

  • In Leibniz's definition (the expression of the many in the one) the two key terms are ˜expression™ and ˜one™.
  • His expression was very serious, and for a couple of disconcerting seconds Sophie remembered averydifferent expression… in the throes of his passion, when he had made her rejoice in her womanhood and gasp for joy as his hands touched her everywhere…
  • _He regards her with a rather amused, indulgent, almost paternal expression, in contrast to his big, bluff, physical personality, with his iron-gray hair and his bulldog expression_.
  • "To throw the dart" was a common expression, signifying to make the first attack; "as the darts were thrown before recourse was had to the sword.] [Footnote 4: _That expression_) -- Ver.
  • Expression expression) this. _provider = provider; this. _expression = expression; public IEnumerator GetEnumerator () return this. _provider.
  • As sexual mores loosened in the late 20th century, the title expression would come to be seen as a normal, even healthy way of consolidating affection, and certainly not grounds for censorship.
  • Most often this expression is a response to the culture and events of particular time period.
  • Telling from the response thus far, a 50-word expression is like freedom of movement and this is good, something to consider and perhaps expand-on for those who can share a small piece of the forum to do so.
  • Mostly, I feel like the expression is a badge of insecurity people drag out when they feel the need to signal a winking superiority to their own tastes.