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What is the meaning of exquisite in Hindi?

Meaning of exquisite in Hindi is : सूक्ष्म

Definition of word exquisite

  • Especially fine or pleasing; exceptional. (adjective)
  • Carefully adjusted; precise; accurate; exact. (adjective)
  • Recherché; far-fetched; abstruse. (adjective)
  • Of special beauty or rare excellence. (adjective)

Examples of word exquisite

  • President's picture, full of grace and life, and richly meriting the term exquisite: nothing can be finer than the dark luxuriant hair contrasted with the alabaster delicacy and elegance of the features; the eyes too beam with benignant expressiveness.
  • The Big House was of sturdy concrete, but here was marble in exquisite delicacy.
  • We had attended Morning Chant and were now seated for breakfast, disheartened but not surprised that the early Greys had already taken the bacon, and it remained only in exquisite odor.
  • Tolkien can be seen as the archetype, constructing languages, histories, location in exquisite detail for his Middle Earth.
  • The cumulative effect is devastating, as DeLillo in exquisite increments lowers the reader into an inexorable rendezvous with raw terror.


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