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What is the meaning of extemporize in Hindi?

Meaning of extemporize in Hindi is : लिखना या प्रस्तुत करना

Definition of word extemporize

  • To do something, particularly to perform or speak, without prior planning or thought; to act in an impromptu manner; to improvise. (verb)
  • To do, create, improvise, adapt, or devise in an impromptu or spontaneous manner. (verb)

Examples of word extemporize

    • You really have to know the melody inside out and that allows you to embellish, to extemporize on it with freedom.
    • I'm discovering that I like Danilaw a lot -- he's got the ability to extemporize political speeches like a trained skald and he's also pretty funny.
    • He did not care to ascertain if she had replenished the lilacs in the tower room, and, at lunch, which was shared with three farm college students from Davis, he found himself forced to extemporize a busy afternoon for himself when Paula tentatively suggested that she would drive Graham up from Eldorado.
    • At the 1952 Republican National Convention in Chicago, former president Herbert Hoover used a teleprompter to address delegates but lost his place after breaking off to extemporize.
    • If there's anything more fun than taking apart a workshop poem, it's to read the blurbs poets are sometimes expected to extemporize, to justify/apologize for/self-deprecatingly praise/preemptively neuter their own poetry.


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