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What is the meaning of extortion in Hindi?

Meaning of extortion in Hindi is : लूटना

Definition of word extortion

  • The practice of extorting money or other property by the use of force or threats. (noun)

Examples of word extortion

  • Their pertinacity in extortion is said to be marvellous.
  • But Jean-Philippe Chauzy, a spokesman for the IOM, said interviews with 14 Libyan migrants reaching Lampedusa on three vessels over the weekend confirmed a pattern of payments to officials, which he characterized as extortion.
  • He claimed his former employee try to blackmail him and said he paid her what he called extortion money and was afraid to go to authorities.
  • In addition to drug trafficking, authorities say, the Zetas are involved in extortion, kidnapping, producing pirated CDs and DVDs, sales of alcohol and migrant smuggling.
  • For them the threat of kidnapping and extortion is what concerns them the most and, I would argue, this phenomenon is ubiquitous throughout the Republic.


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