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What is the meaning of eyetooth in Hindi?

Meaning of eyetooth in Hindi is :

Definition of word eyetooth

  • a canine tooth of the upper jaw (noun)

Examples of word eyetooth

  • In the procedure -- which was pioneered in Italy but was a first in the United States -- the medical team extracted Thornton's canine or "eyetooth" and surrounding bone, shaved and sculpted it, and drilled a hole into it to insert an optical cylinder lens.
  • Later he would go to sleep with the throbbing around the hole that had once sheltered his eyetooth, but happy to be able to join the brotherhood of the toothless.
  • That got her to smile a smile so wide and happy that I saw her left eyetooth was slightly crooked.
  • The bear's eyetooth caught in his scalp and cut the top of his ear off, slicing a wide furrow around his head.
  • I look from the crooked part of her hair to the eyetooth that's twisted the tiniest bit – the little flaws that made her more striking instead of less so.


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