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What is the meaning of face in Hindi?

Meaning of face in Hindi is : हावभाव

Definition of word face

  • The front part of the head, featuring the eyes, nose, and mouth and the surrounding area. (noun)
  • to position oneself or itself so as to have one's face closest to (something). (verb)

Examples of word face

    • There will still be a monitor, Eusebius, to hold the looking-glass to you, and the like of you: and look to your face; and whenever you find that you have _put a good face_ upon any doubtful matter, take the trouble then to look at your hands; and if they be clean, look again and see if your face and hands are clean together.
    • He requested the presentation of the author, John Locke, and thanked him face to face -- neither, like the augurs, able to keep his _face_ -- for such antidotes to the blues.
    • Life, and to this day I doubt if I could sit down and describe fully the shape or moulding of any one particular feature of that face, for it was not the _face_, but the expression that formed it, that inclined me toward it.
    • "On the other hand," continued Orme, turning the bill over and eyeing the inscription on its face, "your mistake in first writing the name instead of printing it, shows me that you did write the words on the _face_ of the bill."
    • (_The man turns as the other goes towards him, and they meet face to face_.)
    • Hence when Jacob said, _I saw God face to face_, we are not to understand that he saw the Essence of
    • "And they shall see his face," murmured Russell, "_and they shall see his face_."
    • She saw the face which she had last seen so life-like -- as a _dead face_, with its pale, pure features and fair hair.
    • Text enclosed between tilde characters was in bold face in the original (~bold face~).
    • He is_, _knowing as we are known_, _and seeing face to face_.